Program Innovation

Throughout our history, Community Care has implemented quality and innovative programs grounded in evidence-based and best practices. Through collaboration with members, families, counties, providers, and advocates, we have developed program standards that increase the effectiveness of services and initiatives that enhance care for all populations across behavioral health services.

Children’s Services

The Children’s Services Integrated Framework defines resiliency and wellness practices that promote the health and well-being of all children and families. There are currently two areas of focus: Community and School Based Behavioral Health (CSBBH) and Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities (PRTF) Transformation Initiative.

Physical/Behavioral Health 

Behavioral health is part of an integrated human services model in Pennsylvania which covers physical health and Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS). Efforts have focused on physical health coordination/collaboration, population health projects with providers, and participating in the state-sponsored Integrated Care Plan.

Recovery and Wellness

A Framework for Promoting Health and Wellbeing includes recovery-oriented, person-centered, resilience-building practices. Recovery and Wellness initiatives are supported by evidence-based practices, member involvement in care, and peer support.

SUD programs

Community Care’s strategic plan to enhance substance use disorder services focuses on two main missions: 1. Eliminate deaths due to opioid overdose and 2. Maximize opportunities for sustained recovery.

Zero Suicide

The Zero Suicide initiative aims to reduce the rate of suicide among members by utilizing a system-wide approach. The seven key principles are Lead, Train, Identify, Engage, Treat, Transition, and Improve.

Tobacco Recovery 

From a DHS and DOH initiative, our strategic plan for tobacco aims to prevent and reduce tobacco use among people with a behavioral health condition especially. Our plan focuses on eight domains including provider outreach, consumer outreach, and stakeholder communication.

Operation Service Net

Operation Service Net is an initiative to identify and care for military members and their families, as well as to support providers through information and education. Quality care tailored to those with military experience can make a significant difference in their lives.