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Community Care Publication Abstracts 2020

The Core 4 Clinical Model: Strengthening the Rural Behavioral Health Workforce through a Focus on Foundational Clinical Skills

Community Care, in collaboration with families, providers, and county partners, developed the Core 4 Clinical Model for use in services for children. The model establishes four key competencies (the “Core 4”) that can be applied across diverse populations, settings, and providers: therapeutic alliance, clinical formulation, offering, and feedback informed implementation. In this paper, you will learn about the components of the Core 4 Clinical Model and its history.

Mixed Method Study of Workforce Turnover and Evidence-based Treatment Implementation in Community Behavioral Health Care Settings

Community behavioral health providers commonly experience high levels of staff turnover. High staff turnover has a negative impact on service delivery, including disruption to the individual’s relationship with their service provider and financial costs to the agency to replace and train staff. This study is designed to better understand what factors influence staff turnover.

Care Management Intervention to Decrease Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorder Readmissions in Medicaid-Enrolled Adults

Individuals who are newly discharged from behavioral health inpatient admissions are at risk for readmission. Frequent inpatient admissions can adversely impact these individuals’ quality of life. Community Care adopted a successful Care Management strategy for reducing mental health hospital readmissions; this strategy was then applied to readmissions related to substance use disorders. This paper describes the positive impact of the Care Management intervention.