• COVID-19: Vaccination

    During this brief webinar, Dr. Lyndra Bills explains why the vaccination for COVID-19 is important and defines vaccine hesitancy. Vaccine basics are noted, including the authorization process. Dr. Bills also discusses how to have conversations with individuals about vaccination. Finally, she reviews COVID-19 vaccination resources and where to go for the latest information.

  • Assessing & Incorporating Individual Strengths into Treatment Planning

    A strengths-based assessment is a collaborative process between the provider and the individual, conducted in the context of a trusting relationship. The assessment is done with the individual in an effort to identify an individual’s strengths and assets. An individual’s strengths can then be used to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that combines both individual needs and strengths into treatment goals and objectives. This webinar will: 1) Explore the components of a strengths assessment, 2) Discuss the eight dimensions of wellness, and 3) Discuss the incorporation of strengths into an individual’s treatment plan. The password to access this training is: Communitycare1.

  • Quality Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Provider Training
    This webinar is a learning opportunity for Substance Use Disorder (SUD) providers in Allegheny County on assessing trauma, assessing and incorporating strengths into treatment planning, and recovery crisis planning. The training is appropriate for quality/compliance staff, program directors, direct care clinicians/nurses.
  • Certified Recovery Specialist Documentation Training

    This training is for Certified Recovery Specialists and will focus on appropriately documenting the services they provide.