Medical Assistance Transportation Program

MATP provides non-emergency transportation to medical appointments and pharmacies, at no cost to members if they need help getting to an appointment or to the pharmacy. The MATP in the county where the member lives will determine need for the program and provide the right type of transportation. Transportation services are typically provided in the following ways:

  • Where public transportation is available, the MATP provides tokens or passes or reimburses the member for the fare for public transportation.
  • If a member can use his or her own or someone else’s car, the MATP may pay an amount per mile, plus parking and tolls with valid receipts.
  • Where public transportation is not available or is not right for the member, the MATP provides rides in paratransit vehicles, which include vans, lift-equipped vans, or taxis. Usually, the vehicle will have more than one rider with different pick-up and drop-off locations.

Members can contact MATP to get more information and to register for services. Visit the Department of Human Services MATP website for contact information.

MATP will work with Community Care to confirm that the medical appointment for which transportation is needed is a covered service. Community Care works with MATP to help arrange transportation. For more information, call us.