Recovery/Crisis Plan

The Recovery/Crisis Plan aims to give individuals and their support network a tangible, yet flexible, tool in their journey toward recovery (living the life they want to live). The plan provides a framework for three core elements: illness monitoring, wellness management, and crisis preparation. Through using supports in their community and developing a plan that makes sense for their recovery journey, the Recovery Plan helps members develop self-efficacy.

Community Care would like to acknowledge the work of Richard Goldberg, PhD, from the University of Maryland and his peers for their willingness to share this tool as a model that can be used and adapted to meet the needs of individuals on their recovery journey. There are many recovery tools that serve similar purposes for individuals in recovery, and we encourage providers to explore all resources with individuals.

Find more information for members about making a Recovery/Crisis Plan of their own.

Planning for Crisis, Safety, and Transition: Handling Risky Behavior in and Through Treatment PDF | Recording