Our mission is to reduce tobacco use among all Community Care members and employees and to support all efforts toward better health by quitting. The Tobacco Cessation Initiative conveys the message that quitting tobacco is possible. 

Tobacco use education, screening, and treatment is supported in daily practice, and we remind providers of the resources available. Refer to the June 2019 newsletter for DHS updates to requirements for behavioral health agencies.

Medication-Based Program

We support the use of both nicotine replacement therapy and medication without nicotine to help people quit tobacco. Members can learn more about how medicine can help them quit.

Tobacco Use Education Training

“Every Smoker, Every Time” is a free online training on tobacco use education for behavioral health care workers, pharmacists, counselors, and others. This training is part of the process to be included on the Pre-Approved Tobacco Cessation Registry from the PA Department of Health.