• Assessment Tools

    Comprehensive evaluation done by a clinician to confirm suspected suicide risk, estimate the immediate danger to the patient, and decide on a course of treatment.

  • Care Options

    Different treatment options for suicide care and prevention.

  • Crisis Hotlines

    Telephone and text numbers for nationally recognized crisis services.

  • General Suicide Prevention Information

    Information about evidence-based suicide prevention programs, how to effectively respond to someone in crisis, and evidence-based prevention.

  • Implementing Suicide Prevention Program

    Suicide prevention resources to guide systemwide implementation of an evidence-based suicide prevention initiative.

  • Resources for Specific Populations

    Resources for children & adolescents, gender & age, LGBTQ, military members & veterans, racial & ethnic groups, SUD, and more.

  • Screening Tools

    Standardized instruments or protocols used to identify individuals who may be at risk for suicide.

  • Statistics

    Review resources that show current data related to suicide and suicide prevention efforts, information related to those at risk for suicide, fact sheets, and definitions.

  • Training

    Information and resources regarding the necessary skills to provide excellent care, which in turn will improve confidence and ability to provide caring and effective assistance to persons with suicide risk.

  • Zero Suicide Efforts - Community Taskforces at Work

    Recognizing Community Care's Zero Suicide efforts for Suicide Awareness & Prevention Month 2022.