Tobacco Cessation Strategic Plan Summary

Mission Statement: Reduce tobacco use among all Community Care members and employees and support all efforts to improve their overall health and wellness by quitting.

We support this mission by:

Communicating a message of hope and empowerment: “I Want To & I Can.”

  • Developed a unified message of hope that quitting is possible
  • Developed a toolkit to help support members to quit

Educating and supporting our providers to integrate tobacco screening and treatment into daily practice

  • Require providers to educate members about the risks of tobacco, the benefits of quitting, and the usefulness of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and medications that may assist in quitting
  • Educate, promote, and support billing for tobacco cessation counseling
  • Recommend that providers obtain Department of Health certification as enrolled tobacco cessation providers

Incorporating tobacco screening and referrals into daily practice for Community Care clinical staff

  • Trained staff on Ask, Advise, Refer tobacco screening protocol
  • Screening all new members for tobacco usage

Coordinating with our members’ physical health providers and managed care organizations to ensure integrated services

  • Working collaboratively with physical health providers to encourage and support members to quit
  • Supporting the increased usage of NRTs and medications to encourage quitting

Encouraging and promoting the use of PA state resources:

Developing partnerships with a wide range of community stakeholders to reduce tobacco usage

  • Creating partnerships on a local level
  • Supporting and promoting our community partners’ work on tobacco cessation

Creating a smoke-free workplace and providing tools to support our employees’ health and wellness

  • Providing smoking cessation coaching programs
  • Providing a smoke-free workplace

Reaching out to and educating members about the benefits of tobacco cessation products and counseling services, and linking them to treatment

  • Providing online resources on
  • Linking members to local resources and supports