Hearing Distressing Voices Training

The Hearing Distressing Voices Training Program includes a workshop and a Train-the-Trainer session. Developing Empathy for the Lived Experience of Psychiatric Disability: A Simulation of Hearing Distressing Voices is a 3-hour workshop developed by Pat Deegan, PhD & Associates. Participants begin by watching a recorded lecture by Dr. Deegan about the experience of hearing voices, followed by a specially designed audio recording that simulates the experience of hearing voices. While wearing the audio equipment, participants undertake a series of mock tasks and activities. The goal is for participants to increase their understanding of and empathy toward the lived experience of a psychiatric disability, and gain insight into the impact their involvement/intervention can have on a person who hears voices. The training has been developed and adapted for a wide range of behavioral and physical health professionals, as well as community-based first responders and criminal justice professionals. This training is also useful for individuals who receive services, their family members, and other interested community groups.