Suicide Prevention Month

September is Suicide Prevention Month, a time to open up the conversation about suicide to reduce stigma, raise awareness, and connect people to treatment and resources. Through our continued commitment to suicide prevention, Community Care commenced an initiative implementing a Zero Suicide approach.


“I haven’t been to a single event where someone didn’t stop by our table and tell their story or the story of someone they loved.”

“Whether it’s a baseball game, hockey game, or a 5K run, it’s about breaking down the stigma. It’s about HOPE.”

“So many lives have been impacted by this public health issue.”

-Michele Ruano-Weber, MA, CPRP, Deputy Administrator Berks Co MH/DD Program

“Wesley Family Services supports the Zero Suicide Initiative and has established a workgroup to develop our suicide prevention program that will implement a three-phased approach. Phase I includes completion of the zero suicide organizational self-study, Phase II involves analyzation of the results and Phase III includes development and roll-out of a corporate level policy and program specific procedures.”

-Wesley Family Services

“It’s a pleasure to be part of a movement that’s making a difference in people’s lives. Through the many community education and outreach events we’ve held and attended the stories we hear are what sticks with me. How appreciative people are that the County has such a Taskforce and continues to ask, ruOK?”

-Jeffrey Gregro, Deputy Chief, Berks Co Juvenile Probation Office