This page is intended to be a resource for our provider network to find answers to critical questions during the COVID-19 crisis. As we receive more information, Community Care will be updating the site, so check back frequently for the most up-to-date information. As new questions are added, they will appear at the top of the list.

Is Community Care going to be tracking billable hours during the COIVD-19 national state of emergency or hold the providers accountable for maintaining high number of billables?

There are no productivity expectations for CSBBH providers outlined in the APA or P4P portion. Community Care expects the service provider workforce to continue to provide essential behavioral health services to the youth and families on their caseloads during the COVID-19 state of emergency. While schools are closed, we expect CSBBH teams/staff to continue to provide services to youth and their families in their home and community, to the extent possible in accordance with social distancing and other recommendations of the CDC, local and state authorities, as well as through telephonic/telehealth means. Community Care will cover telehealth, including telephonic services, throughout the COVID-19 national state of emergency. Providers must clearly document the mode of communication and maintain all documentation requirements for services rendered during the COVID-19 crisis. Providers are required to submit their telehealth attestation forms to OMHSAS per the instructions in the OMHSAS memo but need not wait for formal approval to begin. For additional details please reference the Provider Alert #4 COVID-19 Update: Telehealth Services.

Will the CSBBH monthly retainer be impacted by the COVID-19 national state emergency?

No, the CSBBH APA retainer will continue during the COVID-19 state of emergency. Behavioral health services are essential services to our members, so Community Care expects our contracted CSBBH providers to continue to serve members and their families throughout the COVID-19 state of emergency.

Will CSBBH teams be penalized for a lower census during the COVID-19 state of emergency due to minimal referrals and lack of contact?

It is continued to be expected that most CSBBH services referrals will originate from their school partners. CSBBH providers are encouraged to be in close communication with their school partners to provide information around their initial response to COVID-19 and the health and safety of the children, youth, and families on their caseload. Additionally, it is important for the CSBBH team to have the most accurate and up-to-date information from the district. Because the situation is changing rapidly, all this may be causing great anxiety and concern for students. The team, school district, or other sources may become aware of a student in need of behavioral health services. It will be important for the CSBBH team to assist in assessing the behavioral health needs of the student and connect he/she with the appropriate level of service and/or resources.

For students who are currently on the CSBBH caseloads, teams are expected to frequently assess the youth and family to ensure that the frequency and intensity of services are being delivered in a way that maintains the health and safety of all involved. It is recognized that some families and CSBBH staff for safety reasons may opt not to meet face-to-face during the COVID-19 crisis. CSBBH providers are expected to be available to families if they experience a crisis, including the capacity to offer in-person services, while maintaining safe social distance. For example, some providers are offering in-person sessions in outdoor private spaces (front porch, backyards, etc.) as an option for families. CSBBH teams should explore other telehealth options available to communicate with the children, youth, and families on their caseloads.

Will the stipulation of 6 weeks to fill positions before takeback still apply during this time of a state of emergency?

During the COVID-19 state of emergency, Community Care continues to require the CSBBH providers to submit routine staff rosters. If staff vacancies occur and exceed 6-8 weeks, the staffing costs may be reconciled during the annual evaluation process. CSBBH providers are encouraged to follow their agency’s recruitment and hiring protocols during the COVID-19 state of emergency.

Will teams be expected to meet the performance measures during this time of a state of emergency?

Community Care encourages the CSBBH teams to focus on the current needs of their clients. During this time of uncertainty, our focus is on our providers’ ability to be the responsive and flexible so they may meet our members’ needs. We will stay in touch with each provider and individually determine the best way for them to stay aligned with the performance measures as we go forward.