This page is intended to be a resource for our provider network to find answers to critical questions during the COVID-19 crisis. As we receive more information, Community Care will be updating the site, so check back frequently for the most up-to-date information.  As new questions are added, they will appear at the top of the list.

Are there any instructions or guidelines to deliver BHRS/IBHS via telehealth?

On May 5, 2020, OMHSAS issued Bulletin: OMHSAS-20-03 “Instructions and Guidelines for the Delivery of BHRS and IBHS Through Telehealth,” Included in this Bulletin are Guidelines for the Delivery of IBHS and BHRS Group Services Through Telehealth and Guidelines for the Delivery of TSS, BHT, BHT-ABA, or Assistant BC-ABA Services Through Telehealth.

What do we need to do to provide TSS, BHT, BHT-ABA, Assistant BC-ABA, IBHS group or group services approved through the program exception process via Telehealth?

Because of the unique nature of the interventions provided through Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS) services, Behavioral Health Technician (BHT) services, Behavioral Health Technician-Applied Behavior Analysis (BHT-ABA) services, Assistant Behavior Consultation-Applied Behavior Analysis (Assistant BC-ABA) services, IBHS group services and group services approved through the program exception process, providers of these services must submit a proposal explaining how services will be delivered through telehealth. The proposal must be approved by the Department before the provider can begin to use telehealth to deliver these services. View the updated Memorandum dated May 5, 2020 entitled, “Telehealth Guidelines Related to COVID-19 (Updated)"

The proposal and the Attachment B – Attestation Form to Provide Telehealth as described in the “Guidelines for the Use of Telehealth Technology in the Delivery of Behavioral Health Services” must be submitted to, and approved by, the Department of Human Services before services can be delivered.

Is it possible to move school hours into the home setting without submitting an authorization request?

Yes. However, the treatment team should review the existing treatment plan with the family and determine if any interventions need to be changed to accommodate the new service setting or the recommendations for social distancing. The review of the treatment plan can be completed through telehealth during the disaster emergency declaration period.

If Community Care is only requiring the Plan of Care and the evaluation at this time, are providers required to have the rest of the paperwork on file and/or to submit later?

Yes, providers should have all of the requirements of the packet on file.

Psychologists don’t want to do re-evaluations face-to-face or over the telephone. They just want to be able to extend the service without a re-evaluation. Is this permissible?

Community Care encourages the use of the telehealth options recently made available. If extenuating circumstances should arise that prevent psychologists from completing re-evaluations, please contact your care manager.

What are the provider expectations for getting school or daycare input for TSS requests in those settings to resume/begin once school is back in session?

Please move forward with all requests now. If input is needed from the school/other agencies, which are not currently open, you may obtain that later (only if necessary). NOTE: This should not hold up services once schools/daycares are back in session.

Can the life of an initial evaluation be extended beyond 60 days for CRR Host Home and RTF during the COVID-19 crisis?

This will be considered on a case-by-case basis by calling your Care Manager.

BHRS/IBHS amended requests typically require Plan of Care, Prescriber collaboration, and an updated treatment plan. During the COVID-19 crisis, what will be required to request an amendment?

Providers should call their care manager to provide a telephonic review specific to the amended request. Once the telephonic review occurs, the provider can submit the revised POC for the updated hours and/or new services being requested upon completion.

What can CSBBH teams do while schools are closed?

CSBBH teams can provide support to members and families in the home or community or by utilizing Telehealth options.

Can the CSBBH teams communicate via phone/video if unable to see families?

Yes. Providers should reference the Telehealth guides and Provider Alert.

CSBBH – Will Community Care accept packets with unsigned documentation?

During the emergency declaration, Community Care will accept unsigned packets. Providers should reference the Provider Alert #26: Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) Updates to Documentation Signature Requirements During COVID-19, Revised 11/05/2020 ( for information related to signatures.

Should we be encouraged to stop holding ISPTs?

Per OMHSAS Memo 2/18/21, (OMHSAS-Temporary-Suspension-of-portions-bulletins-and-guidance ( Because some treatment team members may not be available during the emergency declaration period, the requirement to hold ISPTs is suspended during this time. When feasible, ISPTs may also occur via telehealth and telephonically during the disaster declaration period.

Can psychological Best Practice evaluations be conducted via Telehealth?


If we aren’t able to deliver all of the hours via telehealth at one time, multiple check-ins could be beneficial. Is this acceptable?


Is Community Care willing to look at approving the current BHRS/TSS school hours to be delivered in home/community during the next 30-90 days?

Yes, provider may support the members and families in the home, community, or by using Telehealth options. No prior authorization required.

Since we are licensed as a daycare to provide office-based services and daycares are mandated to close, can we still provide office-based services?

Providers can alter the location of their service delivery. However, if the daycare where the service is delivered is mandated to close, providers must follow local and state mandates.