This page is intended to be a resource for our provider network to find answers to critical questions during the COVID-19 crisis. As we receive more information, Community Care will be updating the site, so check back frequently for the most up-to-date information. As new questions are added, they will appear at the top of the list.

Community Care expects the service provider workforce to continue to provide essential behavioral health services to the clients on their caseloads during the COVID-19 state of emergency. We recognize that BHHP providers have concerns about how to effectively work with clients and continue to meet some the program standards and expectations.

Our agency is now working remotely. Can we use telehealth to continue to work with members?

Yes. Community Care will cover telehealth, including telephonic services, throughout the COVID-19 national state of emergency. Providers must clearly document the mode of communication and maintain all documentation requirements for services rendered during the COVID-19 crisis. Providers are required to submit their telehealth attestation forms to OMHSAS per the instructions in the OMHSAS memo but need not wait for formal approval to begin. For additional details please reference Provider Alert #4 COVID-19 Update: Telehealth Services

Is Community Care making any modifications to the BHHP Value Based Payment (VBP) contracts?

There are no planned changes to the BHHP VBP contracts.

Working remotely will impact our ability to meet certain requirements of the VBPs. For example, obtaining blood pressures?

With the expanded usage of telehealth, many of the assessments and screenings that BHHP provider typically complete can be done telephonically. In situations where this is possible we encourage providers to do so.

In circumstances where it is not possible to complete specific assessments, it is important that providers document attempts to complete the activity. Please use your Wellness registry (AKA disease registry) to document at least 2 attempts and list what the barrier was. Providers will not be penalized if a good faith attempt is made and those efforts are clearly documented.

Is it acceptable to provide services without obtaining required signatures (consent for treatment, encounters, treatment planning)?

Yes. Signature requirements, including signed daily notes, signatures for service/treatment/ rehabilitation and other required plans and written consent, and encounter forms are suspended during the emergency declaration period. Verbal consent of the member must be documented for each service and for treatment planning per Provider Alert #26: Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) Updates to Documentation Signature Requirements During COVID-19, Revised 11/05/2020 (

Do you have any advice on the best information to share with our consumers regarding COVID-19?

Community Care encourages provider and our members to visit for resources. The website provides information and resources for both providers and for our members.

Will BHHP providers be expected to meet the performance measures during this time of a state of emergency?

Community Care encourages the BHHP providers to focus on the current needs of their clients. During this time of uncertainty, our focus is on our providers’ ability to be the responsive and flexible so they may meet our members’ needs. We will stay in touch with each provider and if needed individually determine the best way for them to stay aligned with the performance measures as we go forward.