• Accessibility of Services

    Accessibility of services includes timely appointments for members and quick access to Community Care by telephone.

  • Clinical Practice Guidelines

    Clinical practice guidelines help providers and members make decisions about appropriate care for specific circumstances.

  • Continuity and Coordination of Care

    We monitor care coordination and strongly encourage providers to coordinate care with members' other practitioners.

  • Member Safety

    We are committed to improving member safety and routinely monitor behavioral health treatment practices to ensure member safety.

  • Member Satisfaction

    An annual Member Satisfaction Survey lets providers know if members are satisfied with the care and services they are receiving.

  • Members' Rights and Responsibilities

    Community Care staff and providers must be informed of members' rights and responsibilities and support them in daily operations.

  • Monitoring Follow-Up Rates

    Community Care monitors and implements interventions to improve rates of timely follow-up care after a hospitalization.

  • Notice of Privacy Practices

    The Notice of Privacy Practices explains to members how we use and share their medical information.

  • Provider Performance Issues

    Tracking Provider Perfomance Issues identifies trends for ways providers can improve quality of care.