Member Satisfaction

It is important for providers to know if members are satisfied with the care and services they are receiving. Community Care contracts with Symphony Performance Health Analytics (SPH) to conduct an annual Member Satisfaction Survey using a modified version of the Experience of Care and Health Outcomes (ECHO) Survey. The survey includes questions focused on services unique to HealthChoices, such as Intensive Behavioral Health Services (formally known as Behavioral Health and Rehabilitation Services). The 2019 Member Satisfaction Survey, based on care received in 2018, reflected high member satisfaction in several areas. With satisfaction rates at or above 90%, members and families responded that providers:

  • Respected members’ needs related to race, culture, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation
  • Explained things in a way members could understand
  • Made them feel safe and respected what members had to say

One area identified as an opportunity for improvement was the urgent access question (“In the last 12 months, if you needed counseling or treatment right away, how often did you see someone as soon as you wanted?”). This rate was 75.0%

Interventions implemented to improve satisfaction in this area include:

  • Community Care’s website clearly delineates how to contact Community Care to find a provider or gives members the option to search online. The website also provides a crisis number.
  • Member calls are triaged and assessed for urgency. All members in urgent need of care receive treatment within 24 hrs.
  • Crisis service availability is discussed, and crisis educational materials are disseminated at the quarterly Member/Family Advisory Meetings.
  • The Quality Department emphasizes with providers (through the process of record reviews) the importance of Crisis Planning and having the member involved in the planning. The benefits of having a crisis plan are also discussed. Crisis plans are required for all levels of care for all members.
  • An informative Recovery/Crisis Planning link is available to providers on Community Care's website.
  • An article in the member newsletter offers suggestions to members regarding what to do if they cannot reach their current provider or are in need of urgent services.

Community Care thanks providers for their efforts to increase members' satisfaction. If you have any thoughts, ideas, or comments please call your provider representative.